Nothing impresses business partners more than a sparkling office so let us make your facilities stand out from the crowd.

We provide a full commercial cleaning service that ensures your office areas always remain clean and tidy and ensure you are keeping up appearances.

It doesn’t matter if you are renovating, moving out, or expanding your business, our commercial cleaning team will help your business look sharp and professional in an instant.

Office Cleaning

It’s amazing just how much dirt and grime can build up around an office during the average workday. However, Girls on the Go can help you maintain a clean and hygienic workspace with regular office cleaning services available whenever you need it. We will make everything look spick and span looking fresh for the new business day ahead.

Don’t let your workspace be your downfall and let us ensure that your office is always clean and hygienic whenever you arrive for the start of the new working day.

Clinic Cleaning

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Trauma Clean

If you or your family have suffered a recent traumatic event you may need someone to come and professionally clean the scene of where the trauma has taken place. Many people believe that emergency services will take care of the necessary clean-up. Unfortunately, even after a traumatic event, it is the responsibility of the grieving family members or property owner to have the scene cleaned and decontaminated.

Forensic Clean

The purpose of forensic cleaning is to remove any biological material from a crime or trauma scene and restore it to a liveable condition. Doing so safely often requires specialised equipment and knowledge that the average population does not possess, which I where Girls on the Go can assist.


Seeing dirty or grubby windows can make your office space seem like an eyesore but our window cleaning services can end this crisis. Our window cleaning aficionados are ready to operate all year round to get your glass gleaming again.

Carpet & Flooring

We have invested in dedicated equipment that enables us to provide full steam cleaning services for carpets throughout your Office. No matter how much dirt has been trodden in or how many stains have been spilled on them, we will use all of our skills to get them looking brand new again.

Whether it’s on a one-off basis or a weekly scheduled visit, let our carpet cleaning experts help you out today.